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Helpful tips for TOEFL

Do you want a good score in TOEFL and enrol in a foreign university of your choice? TOEFL may play a great role in shaping your future if you are planning to study abroad. It is really important to invest time and available resources in preparing for TOEFL. Here are some general tips that will help you throughout your preparation process, and during the test: ·It is important to know English before you start with your TOEFL preparation. The higher your level of English, the better will be the results. ·Invest enough time in TOEFL iBT preparation. Begin preparing immediately after you decide to take the exam. ·Study on a regular basis by preparing a study plan. It is not preferable to learn everything right before the exam. So, make sure you have enough time to prepare. ·Immerse yourself in the language. Listen to news, watch shows, read a variety of texts, speak, and write in English. In fact, try speaking to yourself in English by standing in front of the mirror. ·The vocabulary you …