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Ways to do well in the IELTS speaking test

It is no wonder that every aspirant who is undergoing IELTS preparation in chandigarh wishes to score the best in all modules of the IELTS exam and at times their dream comes true. However, it has been observed over a long period of time that scoring good bands in IELTS speaking is a little challenging. Here are 7 smart ways listed for you in a precise yet impactful manner for scoring the required bands in IELTS speaking.
     1.Warm up – It is needless to say that scoring good bands in IELTS requires relentless practice. Start your final practice at least 24 hours before the exam. Make sure to keep it as your English day and converse only in English to whom so ever you talk, obviously it depends upon to whom you are talking, but prefer to include your family and friends so that your confidence and ability to speak reaches its full potential without any hesitation.
2.Do ask the examiner – It is a myth with the students and people in general that asking the examiner to repeat a question…