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IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL are exams conducted to test the proficiency of a candidate in English language. Though the objective of the 3 exams is same, but there are some differences between them. Have you ever wondered this? Well, we are going to discuss the main differences between the three.

The very first difference between the three arises on the basis of the language adopted by the exam authorities. Where IELTS and PTE rely more on British and Australian English, academics of TOEFL relies on American English.
In general, IELTS is accepted in Canada, European countries and Australia while TOEFL is more accepted in the U.S for MBA Programs. The academic PTE is making a good headway by being accepted all over the world for various courses.
In  IELTS speaking exam, you speak face-to-face with the examiner which proves to be more comforting for some candidates, while it may be uncomfortable for others. The other three sections of IELTs are paper based. Whereas, in case of both TOEFL and…