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Completing a professional course abroad helps your career

We are here to help in this quest of yours. Studying abroad has become a trend and people are accepting this trend, the rapid increase in the number of the applicants every year is the proof. It helps you to make a global impact. You get to meet people with different mindsets and languages. You get to experience life to a whole new level.

Let’s know how studying abroad can be a boon to your career.

●While you study abroad, you will have a chance to learn various forms of English as a language and many other languages. It will improve your interpersonal skills. In today’s corporate world, just being highly skilled and qualified in the field of your profession is not enough. In absence of good interpersonal skills all other skills are not really helpful.

●You would no longer be the Alice in Wonderland and will have to take hold of various responsibilities. This will invariably help you analyse the 3C: Concoct, Classify and Conduct and handle pressure easily.

●Your resume will speak for…

Ways to improve your vocabulary

Words are the building blocks of any language. They also predict how educated and professional a person is. The problem is that most people struggle with increasing their vocabulary as they do not learn new words regularly. Moreover, it is not that big a problem to grasp vocabulary, but retaining and recalling one in the right situation surely is. It is very important for all of us to regularly enhance our English vocabulary as it is the most commonly and widely spoken language. In addition to this, the increased demand of the language in every corner of the world makes it an inevitable part of our life.
Here are some tips that can help you enhance your vocabulary and have a great hold over the language.

Read regularly

Reading helps increase vocabulary by exposing you to new words. You can highlight the words that appear to be new, useful or unfamiliar. You also have the option to read a wide variety of magazines, novels, internet sources, newspapers or anything you find interesting.



IELTS writing task 2 includes exposition writing for both Academic and General Training modules. Writing task 2 contributes twice of task 1 to the writing band score. The paper question statement contrasts for both the modules, yet the subjects for the expositions are similar. The essay topic can be on any irregular theme.
The tone of the papers differs. There can be some articles which may request an assessment about an announcement that whether you bolster it or can't help contradicting it. For example, remote guests ought to be charged more than local people for going to exhibition halls and other chronicled attractions. Do you concur or oppose this idea?
At that point, there can be topics about favorable circumstances or inconveniences of any broad subject. For instance, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living and working abroad.
Inquiries can be drafted in a way where issues and causes, or arrangements of a specific theme are inquired. Other than these, there can b…


This is a unique degree course that has ample employment prospects in New Zealand. If you are an agricultural enthusiast and if you are aspiring to be an agricultural research scientist then studying in New Zealand will present you with a host of courses.
The 9 major master’s degrees in Agriculture and Forestry in New Zealand are enlisted below:

1.Agriculture from Massey University: 
If you seeking to pursue your interest in primary industries then a Master’s degree in Agriculture from the Massey University is all that you need.

2.Agribusiness from Lincoln University of Canterbury:
 A master’s degree in agribusiness explores the innovation and management associated with the distinct relationship between land and agribusiness.

3.Agricultural science from Massey University:
This subject will let you explore the depths of agricultural science and instill the skill set required for scientific agricultural study and research.

4.AgriCommerce from Massey University:
 A master’s degree in agrico…

Use These Simple Tips and Attempt PTE Successfully

PTE or Pearson Test of English assesses candidate’s skills, in writing, reading and speaking English. A lot of students take this test every year in the hope of achieving their goal of studying aboard. If you are preparing for PTE, then these simple tricks will help you in clearing it successfully so, go through the below discussion.

Speaking Section:

PTE does not expect you to speak like a native English speaker, a news reader or an English professional. PTE only tests your ability to speak in a manner which can be understood by native speakers of English.

PTE tests your English speaking skills through read aloud, repeat sentence, describe image, retell lecture, and short answer questions. The PTE software assesses you on these questions primarily on fluency and pronunciation. Therefore, even if your vocabulary and grammar are not very good, you can still score high marks in the speaking section of PTE.

Use fillers instead of pauses, rise your tone on contrast words and falling tone …

Interview Preparation

Start on time

Being called for a job interview is the second step towards an individual’s aspiration of getting a dream job. Preparing to face the interview panel with confidence and self belief is the first step. A lot of experienced people and freshers often make the mistake of interchanging the order of the first two steps. In today’s dynamic and volatile corporate environment we must always be well prepared to face an interview panel.

Importance of preparation

Failing to preparefor an interview is as good as preparing to fail in an interview. Preparations for an interview include learning to maintain a positive body language, researching about the company, practicing mock interviews. The quality of what and how a candidate speaks is more important than how much he/she speaks in an interview. After an unsuccessful interview a lot of individuals think that they spoke so much but still did not succeed. This happens majorly because in absence of preparation under professional supervisio…

University Canada West

Located in Downtown Vancouver, University Canada West is a teaching-intensive, business-oriented, and a higher education institution which offers flexible degree programmes that develop problem-solving skills and leadership qualities in students.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs has accredited the business programmes offered at University Canada West with the ACBSP Global Business Accreditation. In addition to this, UCW has also earned the Education Quality Assurance certification for meeting or exceeding the standards of quality assurance and consumer projection recognised by the BS Provincial Government.

The university attracts students from more than 40 countries, enabling them to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The university offers:

·Academically qualified professors with industry experience

·An education system based on practical application of the concepts

·A fitting climate for the students in the class to enhance their experience

·ACBSP acc…

Tips to excel in the IELTS General writing section

Let us assume a case. The D-Day is near and you are stuck on how to score the required   bands in the IELTS writing section. You get perplexed and you ask for help. Friends, Family and Facebook, all gave you varied opinion and now you are fed up.
So just type “touchstone” in your browser bar and your problem is solved.
We help you know the tips to excel in all the sections of your IELTS exam.

Here are some points that must be followed in the writing section of IELTS.

●There are two tasks that are given in the exam. In task 1, you need to pen down a 150 word letter asking for or giving our information as per the topic. In task 2, you have to write a 250 word essay expressing your point of view on the given topic.  Do not repeat words while performing both the tasks.

●Always stick to the word limit. Do not underwrite and do not exceed the required word count by more than 50 words.

●Careful reading is required while you go through the instructions so that you don’t miss on any part and a…

Why Learn English?

A Global Language
English is the international language for communication. It acts as a common language between people who do not share any other common language. Originally a language of Britain, historical reasons have ensured that it is widely spoken all over the world. Spoken in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, parts of Africa, and many other places, its reach is global. Today, it is the dominant international language for science, technology, business, diplomacy, the Internet, and many other areas. Speaking in English will aid you in interacting effectively with people from different regions, cultures, communities, and countries.  
Education English plays a very important role in the field of education. In some countries, students are instructed to learn English as a secondary language. Even in nations where it is not an official language, the syllabi in science and engineering are in English. Since it is the prevailing language of the sciences, the g…

Newcastle University overseas Research Scholarship 2018-2019

Newcastle University is committed to offer assistance to   international scholars who are determined to pursue a programme of research.

The Newcastle University Overseas Research Scholarship covers the difference   between the Home country and UK fee structure. The approximate value per annum is £ 10,800 to £ 16,200 which is almost 50% of the total cost of the course. In total, there are 15 scholarships for the academic session of 2018-2019 which are valid for the normal duration of   PhD.

The closing date to apply for the application to avail the benefits of scholarships is 27 April 2018.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are eligible to apply for this scholarship if:

They are offered a seat in a PhD research programme at the Newcastle University.They have the financial support to cover expenses which cannot be covered by the scholarship amount and have been assessed for overseas fee purpose.They intend to register to commence the studies during the 2018/2019 academic year.

These appli…


International students seek employment opportunities in USA while studying to cope with tuition fees, living costs and the like. Student Visa holders are provided with ample employments opportunities under 4 main categories as described below:

1.On Campus Employment Opportunity:

This is referred to as the work that is located within the campus or in its vicinity which is affiliated to the specific university. The employment opportunities include working at the university’s book stores, library, cafeteria, and dormitory as well as working under a professor by assisting his research and getting remunerated in return. These opportunities can be availed right at the beginning of the academic course or even before it.

2.Off Campus Employment Opportunity:

These include opportunities of work outside the campus and can be availed by students who have completed a year of the course. This type of opportunity helps to earn more. Before availing an off campus employment opportunity students need t…

Improving English Grammar

To learn any language properly, it is important to understand its grammar and use it accurately when speaking or writing the language. However, sometimes there is a gap between the theoretical understanding and practical application of grammar, which hinders accurate use of language. There are various techniques you can use to bridge this gap.
Get you Concepts Right:
First of all, make sure that you clearly understand the basic theory of English Grammar. There is no need to go into unnecessary details, but you need to know the minimum basic for practical application. This could include concepts like when to use s/es at the end of the verb, or how to use a verb after helping verb “to be’” or “to have.” Once these basics are clear, focus on applying them in practical situations. Think before you speak or write. Also do a lot of written exercises to help apply these concepts. The more you practice, the more clarity you get.
Read and Listen:
Remember to supplement this with a lot of listening…

Highest Paying Masters in Canada

International students studying in Canada look forward to getting the best return on investment after they complete their studies. Since the tuition fees for the international scholars is 2 to 3 times higher than that for local students, it becomes essential for   international students to get  a high paying job after completing their Master’s in Canada.

The country is enriched with some of the world’s leading universities. In addition to the educational institutions, Canada also favors post work visa applications which work in favor of the international scholars who wish to stay back and work there.
Canadian Universities have a great reputation in the global market. Thus, the scholars graduating from universities in Canada find it easy to grab a well-paying job in international organisations.

Here are some Master courses that provide the opportunity to get highly paid job options.

It is one of the most sought-after courses in Canada. The structure of the course is specif…

How to Write an Effective Introduction for IELTS Writing Task 2

Just like in person, first impression lasts in everything we do, same is the case with IELTS Writing task. The way you showcase your writing skills at the start of the IELTS essay writing task, the examiner gets an image of what the entire essay is going to be like. In order to attain success in IELTS Writing task 2, you are required to be very clear with what you are about to write.
In this article, we will talk about writing task 2 of IELTS.
First of all, let’s cover the common mistakes committed by the candidates while writing the introduction.
1    1.Talking too generally about the topic Usually, candidates start their essays with “In modern life…” or “Nowadays...” followed by the general information related to the topic. This is not advisable because as you are supposed to write an answer and not general information about the topic. 
2.Excluding the thesis statement This is the most important sentence in an essay and not including it leads to the loss of bands. 
      3.Not outlining…

Top Ranked U.S. MBA Programs to Join in 2018

A Master’s in Business Administration can be your ticket to becoming a part of an exciting, and dynamic company or starting your own organisation in the era of changing businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

Several American Business Schools continue to dominate the top rankings for MBA programmes. This year also there are several universities whose business schools have led the students to promising professions and careers.

Below is a list of top ranked MBA programs in the U.S. about which you should know. These schools are a combination of both U.S. News Rankings and Financial Times Rankings.

1.Wharton School of Business- University of Pennsylvania
The Wharton School of Business is a legendary program known for leading its several MBA graduates to a well paying and promising career. The school has a very good record of producing brilliant graduates for successful careers.

 2.Stanford Graduate School of Business
Closely located to Silicon Valley, the Stanford Graduate School of Busine…


To study in USA, it is not necessary for you to do a 2 to 4 year degree course or any degree at all. There are two different paths to higher education in USA which you must understand. These are Community colleges, and Vocational schools.
While community colleges were the U.S.’s first vocational schools, they have expanded their operations to include 2 year degrees across a wide variety of fields. Vocational schools, on the other hand, focus on providing on-the-job training and apprenticeships for industries.
Replacing community college with vocational schools would mean eliminating programs that give liberal art backgrounds to millions of Americans, or the chance of earning a diploma. Let’s take a closer look at the major differences between the two.
Community College Traditionally, community colleges offer 2 year degree programs on a wide variety of topics. Graduates earn associate degrees, many of which imbibe a higher earning potential among students and the possibility of transferr…