A letter of recommendation is an important part of the documents required to proceed with the study abroad process. Based on your profile and the course for which you are applying there are two different types of Letter of recommendation.

Academic LOR 

If you are a student who is looking forward to studying abroad, then you should go for an academic LOR. If you are applying for a masters course from any institute abroad, then you should get your LOR done from your college, and if applying for a bachelor course abroad, then your should get it done from your school. Some universities might ask for up to three LOR’s. In such cases, you should get your LOR done from your teachers, someone you have worked with, and someone with substantial academic credentials whose recommendation carries good impact.

Professional LOR

Usually, the students who want to apply for MBA programmes abroad are required to get a professional LOR. This is because majority of MBA admission seekers have work experienc…


Short-term study broad courses are those in which the students are engaged for a relatively short period of time. This is the most common type of undergraduate study in the United States. These courses are continuously increasing in popularity for many reasons including: their being more affordable than the long-term programs, they attract the students who find it difficult to commit to a long semesters or years abroad, and these allow the students already enrolled in a structured academic programs like nursing, engineering etc. to study abroad without compromising in their regular programs.

The students who choose to study abroad tend to get the most out of these short-term courses as they require continuous focus, are highly structured, and, include in-depth experience of studying or working. As these programs are becoming more popular internationally, the institutions are focusing more on standardizing the ways in which these programs are developed, approved, and carried out, rath…


The key to marketing is communication. To promote a brand or sell any product, you are required to communicate with potential customers around the globe on a daily basis. Marketing is more about helping the customer to buy a product rather than just trying to sell something.

When you choose a marketing degree abroad, you not only expand your opportunities but also set yourself up for a rewarding career after graduation by learning the skills required to thrive in the marketing industry.
Here, are some reasons why you should choose a university/college abroad   to study marketing.

Build international network Studying abroad offers you the opportunity to meet new people including other international students and the natives. For sure you will develop connections with people from around the world. This might play an important role in your experience of studying abroad. Not only the students, you will also be connected to   international staff who in turn connect you to their internationa…


With 8 globally recognized universities, New Zealand offers a unique study experience to   students. The higher education model of the country is flexible and broad-reaching. In addition to this, the nation has three standout fields of study in which it particularly shines.

The Following are three main fields for which New Zealand is considered as the best place in the world.

Law Recently named the world’s most socially advanced country; New Zealand is ranked high for tolerance & inclusion and personal freedom. Students are taught to be level-headed, tolerant, open-minded, and mature in their approach to law, addressing the social issues of the real world and taking initiatives to draw their own conclusions. The law programmes in New Zealand are flexible and in most cases, the admissions in undergraduate studies do not require an LSAT score or recommendation letters. It is based on the assignment done by you in your introductory year. 
The students may complete renowned undergradua…


If a student seeks to pursue law abroad before practicing his profession in the country, then his career will be quite flourishing and prosperous. 

Following are some important aspects of the process of securing admission in a world-class foreign university of law.
Most of the top universities abroad consider the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) examination for giving admission to an aspiring student. For a successful enrollment The LSAT score of the student needs to be about 170. The LSAT examines the student’s verbal skills, logical proficiency, and comprehensive ability. 
The examination to be taken next is TOEFL or IELTS, Depending on the institution where a student wants to take admission the exam to be taken next is TOEFL or IELTS. 
The final admission depends on the student’s personality, his academic achievements throughout, and his extra-curricular activities. 
Law can be pursued in any nation as every nation has its legal system. However, studying law in a reputed foreign u…

Ways to do well in the IELTS speaking test

It is no wonder that every aspirant who is undergoing IELTS preparation in chandigarh wishes to score the best in all modules of the IELTS exam and at times their dream comes true. However, it has been observed over a long period of time that scoring good bands in IELTS speaking is a little challenging. Here are 7 smart ways listed for you in a precise yet impactful manner for scoring the required bands in IELTS speaking.
     1.Warm up – It is needless to say that scoring good bands in IELTS requires relentless practice. Start your final practice at least 24 hours before the exam. Make sure to keep it as your English day and converse only in English to whom so ever you talk, obviously it depends upon to whom you are talking, but prefer to include your family and friends so that your confidence and ability to speak reaches its full potential without any hesitation.
2.Do ask the examiner – It is a myth with the students and people in general that asking the examiner to repeat a question…

India’s best IELTS training institute comes to Jagraon

Touchstone Educationals, a popular name in the field of IELTS training services has now arrived in JAGRAON. With an intention of providing world class IELTS training to the people and students of Jagraon, Touchstone decided to root itself there in full threshold. With a great performance record for more than 20 years with 30+ campuses in 17+ cities, Touchstone has been delivering internationally acclaimed IELTS training solutions.
Being a very trusted and result oriented institution, Touchstone is a name loaded with awards and honors. In 2018, Touchstone Educationals won the 9th consecutive ‘No. 1 Partner of the Year in India’ award from IDP. In the same year, BCD conducted its first award ceremony for IELTS training institutions and Touchstone created history by winning 5 awards in the inaugural BCD awards - Top Partner of the year, 2017- 2018 in India, Top Partner of the year, 2017- 2018 in North India, Top Partner of the year, 2017- 2018 in the region, Top Partner of the year, 2017…