Studying abroad may seem to be an expensive affair and many colleges in UK may charge a heavy tuition fee.
Though there are many colleges where the cost is not too high as compared to the general UK standards, but the quality of education is at par with their more expensive counterparts.
UK is considered the best place to continue higher studies, but it is also one of the most expensive places. The country might be an expensive place to live but there are many colleges which are affordable. To attract international students, British universities have lowered the cost of studying for them.
English being the main language of the country, studying in UK is not much of a problem for Indian students now.
So, if you are looking forward to doing MBA in UK, in terms of tution fee here is the list of 5 most economical British colleges/universities.
 1. The Open University
Studying MBA at the Open University is a part time course consisting of 180 credits.MBA course is designed as an integrated program, balancing learning between 25% of optional modules and 75% of compulsory elements.  Students will learn to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate a wide range of situations within the framework of an organization, and their internal and external management.
In INR the tution fee for a 3 year MBA program from the Open University is about 2,52,409.

2. University College Birmingham
MBA at University College Birmingham is designed to meet the needs of students seeking to acquire business and managerial skills. The program enables students to become more successful as strategic business leaders. UCB has won accolades from a wide range of awarding bodies and is renowned to be a provider of first class learning programmes in the curriculum. The tution fee for a 6 month course from UCB is about 7,19,250 INR.

3. Institute of Education University of London
The tution fee for a 2 year course from this university is approximately Rs. 7,25,963
 It is a leading center for related social sciences and education, ranked number 1 for Education worldwide by QS World University Rankings in 2014. The program at this university help the students meet their needs of senior educational leaders and develop academic skills to assist their reflective practices.

4. University of Birmingham
The University of Birmingham was rated 153 out of 400 universities across the globe by World University Rankings. At a tution fee of about 18,21,716 INR, the university offers  its students a 2.5 years long course with practical approach to learning and developing skills to apply the practices in the real world.  As per the National Students Survey, Birmingham scored an impressive 88% student satisfaction rate.

5. University Campus Suffolk
It is collaboration between University of East Anglia and University of Essex sponsoring its formation and validating the degrees. The MBA offered at University Campus Suffolk falls among one of the oldest running program in the United Kingdom. The MBA graduates receive 2 awards upon graduation; MBA degree and Level 7 CMI diploma. The tution fee for this 1 year long dual qualification course is close to Rs. 9,49,410
These are the top 5 colleges you can consider if you want to study at the best place within the range of your budget.


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