Improving English Communication

We live in a highly globalized society where English has emerged as a global language. Therefore, it is important for everyone to communicate in good English. Even if you are highly skilled and qualified in your field, it is still very important to speak and write good English. These days even doctors, engineers, sportsmen, celebrities etc. are also expected to speak good English.
Unfortunately, many people are so scared of communicating in English that they prefer to stay quiet instead of sharing their thoughts and ideas with others. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Prepare your Mind
First of all, you need to get yourself ready to overcome the inhibitions you face when talking in English. This is the biggest challenge. We are often so worried about being made fun of that we do not even try to speak in English when there are others around us. A good way to overcome this is to focus on your motivation for wanting to improve your language skills. You can pen down all the advantages of good English looking at this will encourage you to shed your inhibition and get ready to learn. Don’t worry about making mistakes, it is alright to do so as long as you learn from them.

Use English frequently
Try to talk in English whenever and where ever you get an opportunity. Make sure you keep track of your mistakes and try not to repeat them. You might need to first clear your concepts. Please remember that all your mistakes will not simply vanish into thin air by just understanding the grammatical aspect of the language. It takes time and you must be realistic in setting the right timeline for yourself. As long as you are able to spot your own errors, even if this happens after you have written or spoken something, you will be able to improve.

A key to speaking good English is listening to people who speak well. The more you hear fluent speakers, the more you learn, and the faster you gain fluency. Listening to commentary where a good English speaker is describing an event, reading bedtime stories, listening to documentaries etc. are some effective ways of improving your English.

Understand Grammar in the right sequence
Attaining expertise in grammar is a step by step process and it is important to follow the correct sequence of the steps involved. Understanding grammatical concepts in the following order is the best way of improving your grammar:
1)      Nouns and Pronouns
2)      Articles
3)      Prepositions
4)      Adjectives
5)      Verbs
6)      Tenses
7)      Adverbs
8)      Conjunctions
Speaking English is not a difficult task; all you need is determination, discipline, and practice.

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