M.A in Communicating Economic Policy, New College of Humanities

The enthralling mix of economic policy and the communication of economic knowledge under this course train you to understand how the economic knowledge is applied in the modern world.

The course has 3 main strands:

Economic policy: It equips you with an understanding of the conceptual tools of the economists.

Research skills: These are the skills required to handle quantitative data while offering a strong base in qualitative research skills, and prepare you to undertake the entire production process of independent research.

Economic communications: It shows on what grounds the field of economics operates, the limitations of economics, and how these can be communicated to novice audience.
The students who are interested to develop careers as policy makers, journalists, or wish to work in an NGO or any other international organization can apply for this course.

The MA Communicating Economic Policy comprises ten core courses that can be studied full time in a single academic year or part time over two academic years.

The MA Communicating Economic Policy is taught by the Ivy-League and prominent professors. New College of Humanities is also recognised for its small, tight knit community. The Master’s degree will be offered predominantly through seminars of not more than 10 people and individual tutorials.

The summative assessment is done through a range of essays, a portfolio, seminar presentations, a computer based project, research proposal, and examination. Students will be assessed on a dissertation of approximately 15,000 words including a lay summary article of approximately 1,000 words.

The applications for this course are welcomed from intellectually curious and independent thinkers who like to flourish the academically challenging curriculum. It is important o note that the students aspiring to study economics must have successfully studied mathematics within the last 2 years of their secondary education.

The IELTS bands requirement for applying to this course is 7.0 overall with not less than 6.5 in each module.

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