Improving English Grammar

To learn any language properly, it is important to understand its grammar and use it accurately when speaking or writing the language. However, sometimes there is a gap between the theoretical understanding and practical application of grammar, which hinders accurate use of language. There are various techniques you can use to bridge this gap.

Get you Concepts Right:

First of all, make sure that you clearly understand the basic theory of English Grammar. There is no need to go into unnecessary details, but you need to know the minimum basic for practical application. This could include concepts like when to use s/es at the end of the verb, or how to use a verb after helping verb “to be’” or “to have.” Once these basics are clear, focus on applying them in practical situations. Think before you speak or write. Also do a lot of written exercises to help apply these concepts. The more you practice, the more clarity you get.

Read and Listen:

Remember to supplement this with a lot of listening and reading. You can read anything that interests you; newspaper headlines, cartoons, short stories, magazines, novels, other self-improvement material, etc. The key is to remember to focus on each sentence and how it has been structured. Try to spot how the theory you learnt has been applied in each sentence. Also remember to listen to audios in English. These could be from any reliable source, such as good news channels like the BBC, good movies, especially the classics, radio shows, songs, etc.

Write and Speak:

It is time now to write and speak in English. Remember to use simple sentence structures and focus on attaining grammatical accuracy. Try to write short paragraphs based on your everyday experiences, past events, future plans etc. Think creatively. Once you are a little confident, start writing about things beyond your personal life. This could include current affairs, sporting events, etc. Grab every opportunity to converse in English. This will further enable you to hone your grammar.

In short, the key to improving grammar is understand basic theory and take every chance you get to apply it practically.

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