This is a unique degree course that has ample employment prospects in New Zealand. If you are an agricultural enthusiast and if you are aspiring to be an agricultural research scientist then studying in New Zealand will present you with a host of courses.
The 9 major master’s degrees in Agriculture and Forestry in New Zealand are enlisted below:

1.Agriculture from Massey University: 
If you seeking to pursue your interest in primary industries then a Master’s degree in Agriculture from the Massey University is all that you need.

2.Agribusiness from Lincoln University of Canterbury:
 A master’s degree in agribusiness explores the innovation and management associated with the distinct relationship between land and agribusiness.

3.Agricultural science from Massey University:
This subject will let you explore the depths of agricultural science and instill the skill set required for scientific agricultural study and research.

4.AgriCommerce from Massey University:
 A master’s degree in agricommerce imparts professional agricultural knowledge, This qualification from Massey University has a high international repute.

5.Agricultural Systems from Lincoln University of Canterbury:
A degree in Agricultural Systems imparts knowledge regarding resilient and sustainable agricultural strategies and systems.

6.Forestry Science from University of Canterbury: 
A master’s degree in forestry science introduces the student to management and governance of forests and encourages advanced research in forestry science.

7.Agricultural science from Lincoln University of Canterbury:
Primary generation of products is more significant as compared to traditional farming. Agricultural enthusiasts are instilled with the knowledge and efficiency to contend in the global market and respond to the international requirements of quality.

8.Horticultural Science Lincoln University of Canterbury:
The graduates of Horticultural science are provided with ample opportunities of horticultural study and research by the university.

9.AgriCommerce from Lincoln University of Canterbury:
This degree is of industrial nature and the university graduates become influential officers and managers in the sectors of agricultural business and primary produce.

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