Tips to excel in the IELTS General writing section

Let us assume a case. The D-Day is near and you are stuck on how to score the required   bands in the IELTS writing section. You get perplexed and you ask for help. Friends, Family and Facebook, all gave you varied opinion and now you are fed up.
So just type “touchstone” in your browser bar and your problem is solved.
We help you know the tips to excel in all the sections of your IELTS exam.

Here are some points that must be followed in the writing section of IELTS.

●There are two tasks that are given in the exam. In task 1, you need to pen down a 150 word letter asking for or giving our information as per the topic. In task 2, you have to write a 250 word essay expressing your point of view on the given topic.  Do not repeat words while performing both the tasks.

●Always stick to the word limit. Do not underwrite and do not exceed the required word count by more than 50 words.

●Careful reading is required while you go through the instructions so that you don’t miss on any part and address all parts.

●Avoid being a historian! Only use facts and figures you are aware of. Don’t just use them to cast an impression. If they are incorrect, the strategy will backfire!

●While writing your essay, clearly portray your viewpoint and do not copy the words used in the question. Frame it in your own words.

●The opening sentences of the paragraphs must depict what exactly the paragraph needs to convey.

●Write in a structured format so that it leaves you some time to check before submission.

●Always pen down a concluding paragraph to nicely finish your essay.

If followed, these tips can bring about phenomenal results.

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