Why Learn English?

A Global Language
English is the international language for communication. It acts as a common language between people who do not share any other common language. Originally a language of Britain, historical reasons have ensured that it is widely spoken all over the world. Spoken in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, parts of Africa, and many other places, its reach is global. Today, it is the dominant international language for science, technology, business, diplomacy, the Internet, and many other areas. Speaking in English will aid you in interacting effectively with people from different regions, cultures, communities, and countries.  

English plays a very important role in the field of education. In some countries, students are instructed to learn English as a secondary language. Even in nations where it is not an official language, the syllabi in science and engineering are in English. Since it is the prevailing language of the sciences, the greater part of scientific research and studies is in English. The English speaking world is the principal provider of world class global education.

The Internet
Since it is the global language of communication, almost every site on the Internet is in English. Even sites in various local languages give you the option to translate in English. Also, you will find more data on every subject/field, in English.

Learning Resources
When you choose to learn English, you will find that there are a larger number of resources available for learning English than for other languages. These learning supports are easily accessible on the Internet and in bookshops, apart from English learning institutes like Touchstone. It is also easier to supplement regular learning materials for English with the numerous and readily available English language TV shows, films, and books.

English skills will likewise assist you in work or any business. All big organizations give preference to expert staff with good English abilities, particularly organizations which have a global presence, who only consider staff who can communicate in English

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