Best universities of Canada in terms of graduate employment

If studying in Canada is your big aspiration, then choosing the right University would be a constant thought in your mind. After completing your graduation, it would be a delight for you to get campus placement at the best possible places.

We present to you the list Canadian Universities with the best  employment rate.

1.University of Toronto: It stands at number one on the list and is the most sort after university in Canada both among students and employers. Getting admission in the University of Toronto can be challenging. The university has multiple programs for students which open a variety of career opportunities.

2.University of Waterloo: Though second on the list, the university receives maximum partnerships with employers.

3.McGill University: This university has the biggest employer reputation. Thus, it is a great choice for the students who wish to work in their respective  fields immediately after graduation.

4.University of British Columbia: It has the vibe of entrepreneurship and the support system for promoting the career growth and employment of students.

5.University of Calgary: The employment rate of this university is about  95% and is often recommended by all study visa consultants.

6.Queen’s University: With a high record of 92% employment in 2017, this university is the perfect abode for ambitious students.

7.University of Alberta: It is another university reserving its position on the top 10 list for students aspiring to study in Canada. It offers great scholarships and tie ups with industrial giants for its tudents.

8.University de Montreal: Ths university has affiliations from 37 health institutions and Quebec’s largest sponsored income in research.

9.McMaster University: This institution invites students to study in Canada for their professional growth.

10.Western University: Last but not the least, this university has excellent support system for employment of students.

All the above listed universities provide the students with world class education and great employment opportunities at affordable prices.

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