Important tips to do well in the IELTS speaking test

Scoring the required bands in IELTS is essential for you to study abroad. A lot of people find speaking part to be a bigger challenge. But, like everything else, there are ways to make it much simpler.
Here are some  simple tips to make scoring the required bands in the IELTS speaking test easy for you

  1. Work on the areas you will be judged on: There are four areas of spoken English in the IELTS exam that you would be judged on. They are fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. All these are essential for you to be proficient in spoken English, to be able to study abroad.

  1. Listen carefully: Instead of reacting, respond  to the examiner’s questions, first frame sentences in your mind. Understand the question and then answer slowly and clearly. You will be able to achieve fluency in spoken English by being patient and attentive.

  1. Give examples to support your answer: A very good way to fill in for sentences during Spoken English assessment is to incorporate examples in it. Describe the real-life examples on the topic. It will add a personalized approach to your answer.

  1. Use short sentences: The spoken English part of the IELTS exam is meant to test if you would be able to communicate well when you study abroad. Therefore, fluency is a big consideration to be undertaken. Maintain your fluency by using shorter and correct sentences instead of trying to frame a longer one. There are more chances of grammatical errors in longer sentences.

  1. Record yourself while practicing: Practice will make you perfect for the IELTS exam. When you practice, record your answers and listen to the recordings to understand where you are lacking.
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