Ways to do well in the IELTS speaking test

It is no wonder that every aspirant who is undergoing IELTS preparation in chandigarh wishes to score the best in all modules of the IELTS exam and at times their dream comes true. However, it has been observed over a long period of time that scoring good bands in IELTS speaking is a little challenging. Here are 7 smart ways listed for you in a precise yet impactful manner for scoring the required bands in IELTS speaking.

     1.Warm up – It is needless to say that scoring good bands in IELTS requires relentless practice. Start your final practice at least 24 hours before the exam. Make sure to keep it as your English day and converse only in English to whom so ever you talk, obviously it depends upon to whom you are talking, but prefer to include your family and friends so that your confidence and ability to speak reaches its full potential without any hesitation.

2.Do ask the examiner – It is a myth with the students and people in general that asking the examiner to repeat a question or word will put a bad impression and may lead to a low score. But, it is not true. You should enquire about the doubtful question or any unheard word in a polite yet affirmative manner without annoying the examiner. This cordial behavior will make you comfortable with the examiner and is likely to improve your IELTS results.

   3.Do extend your answers – Extending your answers in a supportive manner is considered as one of the best practices in IELTS speaking test. So, build a habit of framing your answers in a logical and structural manner with the help of explaining whys, providing examples and even describing opposite opinions when required. It will reflect your ability of dealing with IETLS speaking topics in an enthusiastic way.

     4.Do master functional language – It is a universal fact that humans can learn things but cramming is not a part of lifelong learning. So, it is always better to master the art of functional language such as giving variant opinions, example sets, personalized theories, hypothetical situations and even applying cause and effect methodologies into practice instead of cramming the answers. This will create a direct impact on the examiner about the dynamisms of your personality and your hold on English speaking.

5.Do use natural spoken English - It is a positive gesture to learn a language, but to learn it well is even better. So, while learning how to speak English properly, make sure to listen to Native speakers of English in depth. It is definite that you will come to know that they use connectors, intonation, weak sounds and even words that demand special stress. It will directly improve your pronunciation. Moreover, you can make use of recorders and listen to such speakers again and again for imitating their style in order to sound like a native speaker. Go ahead and learn using this technique, but make sure to give it your style too. Speak in your natural accent and concentrate on pronunciation and intonation rather than using an artificial accent.

6.Do consider grammar vs. fluency – It is often seen that students get stuck in the nonexistent battle of grammar and fluency. They always want to know whether to keep grammar at the top while speaking or just be fluent. You must have heard that balance is necessary in every part of life and same implies here. While speaking, be grammatically correct as much as you can, but don’t restrict your fluency. Convey your message in such a way that both grammar and fluency balance out each other during the IELTS speaking test.

7.Do take time to think – Thinking before speaking is an art desired by all, mastered by few. So, take your time to answer the examiner especially when you are thrown a tricky question with the help of phrases such as “Let me think for a moment”, “That is a tricky question, please allow me a moment” etc., but don’t overdo it and don’t do it when not needed. It may irritate the examiner and raise doubts about your thought flow.

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